Jill Elaine Prim

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Jill Prim's Biography

Jill Elaine Prim’s Biography


     Jill grew up in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. In the early years into her marriage, Jill was lucky to survive a life-altering stroke (called an AVM). Wanting to turn the hardest time of her life into something positive, she now views everything in life as a blessing: be it good or not-so-good. Having gone through the process of learning how to walk again as a young adult had changed her perspective on life, in a good and precious way. She’s never allowed her weak left side to keep her from doing anything in life, and that included having a family.

 Always a prolific reader, Jill always had at least two books open at the same time: a romance novel and a scientific journal. 

    After numerous attempts of trying to stir up any interest in her first manuscript, Jill had faced rejection after rejection. Not willing to give up, Jill re-tooled her original story line and added a splash of reality she’d read about in a Scientific American journal.

     The melting glaciers in the Andes had pushed many wrecked airplanes with perfectly preserved bodies that’d crashed on the Bolivian Andes decades earlier, down the slopes for many to finally discover. So intrigued with that story, she decided to incorporate that angle in her rewrite. Naming her retooled book, Melting Glaciers, she threw in a fictional New York Mafioso family, based on more research, but changed the names. Sprinkling in black market drug trafficking, romance, rescuing a puppy, and her heroine scaling the snow-covered Andes to save her man, and voila!

     Jill was able to interest a publishing company and Soul Mate Publishing printed her first book. After Melting Glaciers, came Melting Hearts then Melting Lies. Jill is working on more sequels to her three paranormal romantic suspense books in the Melting series under J.E. Prim.

     Sandwiched in between writing her paranormal romances, she wrote Invisibility Cloak under Jill Elaine Prim. Invisibility Cloak is her first contemporary romantic suspense based in a fictional town along the Arizona border and incorporated the Mexican Cartel and physics. She is also working on a sequel in her Wolf Investigations series, too.

She’s branched out her aspirations and story-telling into Western historical themes and sci-fi genre, as well.

Jill firmly believes love does make the world go round and incorporates many fascinating newspaper headlines because she believes . . .

~ Real Life Is Wilder Than Fiction~