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One of my inspirations... Doris Brasure

Hey Fellow Readers, Just had to share a wonderful photo with you. This is a picture of Mrs. Doris Brasure, reading my book, Invisibility Cloak.

Goes to show you . . . You are never too young to enjoy an adventurous romantic suspense! I'll give a little background on this admirable woman. Her husband of 62 years, Reverend Lloyd Brasure had been my pastor growing up in a small town of Northville, Michigan.

Although Rev. Brasure had been retired at the time when I prepared to marry, he performed my marriage ceremony in Northville Presbyterian Church over thirty two years ago. Having Rev. Brasure perform the ceremony meant so much to me.

I feel very blessed to be in contact with Mrs. Brasure today, a spunky senior who navigates the WWW!

Ah, the wonders of the internet . . .
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