Melting Legacy - Chapter 1

I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my current novel I'm writing.

The forest was alive tonight. The crickets’ non-stop song spun around Natasha as she walked into the familiar woods she grew up in. As soon as she stepped in to the treed thickets, joy seeped through her body, just as the insects thrummed their contentment out into the night, a tranquility descended over her. She’d walked through these woods hundreds of times in the past, yet tonight was . . . different. Natasha threw her head back to stare up into the heavens and focused on the full moon as it glowed in the starless sky. She’d always been enchanted with the moon, for as long as she could remember. Her parents had told her so many stories about the moon when she younger, she’d thought Luna was a part of their family across the ocean, back in Romania. The fascination with the moon had been passed down to her through the array of lullabies her parents had sung to her about Luna. The hazy white orb usually comforted her, but not tonight. It wasn’t smiling down at her now. No. Tonight it warned her.

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