Jill Elaine Prim

Suspenseful Romance Novels with a touch of humor

Melting Lies

If Tressi didn't want to take over her Uncle Micky's job, why didn't she stand up to her pushy, older sister? Now she's stuck, and wants out of the family business. While following an unsuspecting Madonna Botanno on her impromptu road trip, she'll figure out what to do, right? Wrong! Instead, she stumbles onto a terrorist plot sabotaging the New York subway. And now, she has to die if she wants to live. Shocking even herself, she rushes back home to save others, risking her own safety. Maybe the sexy Englishman, also not part of her plans, has something to do with her attitude adjustment. Will she ever be able to live without him?

Madonna Botanno has no idea she's being tailed, happy to see Nina again. It doesn't take much are twisting from her cousin and Devon to convince her to start over and begin a new life in Detroit. With the love of her life. But when her entire existence changes in a blink of an eye, can she accept her new fate and stay with her true soul mate?
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