Melting Hearts - The lastest in my "Melting" series!

She blind-sided him...

He transformed her.

How hard could it be? All Devon Willem had to do was pick up a small mutt and find Ameliorate for Nina’s petite cousin, Madonna. Instead, he stumbled into Madonna Botanno’s crazy family, a rogue TGO operative and a terrorist plot intending to poison millions of New Yorkers. And he’d toppled head first into love . . . all by accident, of course. Facing a rogue agent and protecting mankind by breaking up the Siyah Hizip militants was the easy part, now the love part . . . Why did he think it would be uncomplicated?

Madonna Botanno clung to her good days, hopeful as she waited for a new heart. But then Devon Willem shows up and she regains her health and then some. Everything in her world is magnified. And then Rocco and some hooded goofs show up and kidnap her and her sisters. Could her boring life get any more crazy?

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