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Melting Hearts

Melting Hearts is the second novel in my "Melting" series and will be released soon. She blind-sided him... He transformed her.

Melting Glaciers

Melting Glacier is my first book in the Melting Series. I'm working on Melting Hearts which is a sequel to Glaciers - Devon and Madonna's romance.

In the middle of a drug trafficking investigation, Tavis Cameron, a centuries old Scottish warrior Vampyre turned Guardian collides into his soul mate, Nina Botanno, the heiress of a New York crime family who is running away from her heritage to save her soul. While investigating the drug trafficking of a the life-saving medicine, Nina falls in love with Tavis and finds herself climbing a glacier in the Bolivian Andes to save him when his plane crashes in an icy summit.

Invisibility Cloak - Just released in print and available on

Invisibilty Cloak is my first Contemporary Romatic Suspense - just the beginning!!. I love to write so I will have more books to share in the near future.

Amanda Harris is determined to discover the truth behind the Cartel's brutal killing of her ex-husband. Ryder Stevenson is determined to protect her and kids, whether she likes it or not.

Published by Soulmate Publishing.

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